Are you still using a clunky cash register for managing all your sales transactions? Older systems are known for being hard to use and prone to committing errors. Regardless of the size of your restaurant, you want your systems to be updated when managing sales transactions. This is where point-of-sale (POS) software comes in.

POS software works great with small businesses, especially restaurants. This is because food establishments need a certain level of fast and efficient service. Failure to quickly take and process orders could result in loss of business and bad reviews. To give you a better understanding of what systems you should be using in today's age, we're going to review a few top-rated POS systems.

Toast POS

Toast is a POS solution designed specifically for restaurants in the U.S. It's main features are keeping user accounts updated easy and conveniently. You can use this software to manage restaurant bookings, inventory, and online ordering. It also allows you to cross check orders and items through order tracking and data reports to provide quality services.

Toast comes with other features that'll make your sales process even easier and more accurate. This system allows online ordering, making it a way of driving your costs down while increasing revenue. It allows customers to make payments through kiosks, allowing customers to skip long lines and choose their preferred method of payment. Kitchens also are given enough time to prepare orders because kiosks can be set to place orders before payments are made.

Toast also has an integration with OpenTable, which lets you reduce customers waiting times and provide guests with seats in a timely manner. You can update tables on either apps, resulting in streamlined services.


TouchBistro was created with the food service industry in mind. It's among the most used POS platforms by coffee shops, fine dining, bars, restaurants, and food trucks. What makes this system stand out is it was created with the guidance of restaurant experts.

You can use this system to manage various segments of the restaurant, such as designing an efficient floor layout, take orders per table, and transfer events from one function room to another.

TouchBistro is constantly improving and updating. The layout of the order screen has changed to better manage orders such as bar tabs, takeouts, and delivery. As a restaurant owner you're probably familiar with the stress that rush hour can cause. This eases some of that stress. Recently, they added a "quick search" function to the system.  Bill previous windows can be accessed so you can view what items were ordered and basic information about the customers.

TouchBistro offers a free trial for 28 days, so you can easily test out this system and see if it's the best for your restaurant.


Square is an excellent choice for restaurant owners looking for a POS platform to universally address their business needs. This system is user-friendly, and enables businesses to accept and process payments in-store and on the go. Aside from their popular integrated mag stripe reader, they also offer features like inventory and sales tracking in real time, as well as item management.

Square also allows users to split single bill items into multiple tickets. This help cut down staff error and speed-up the check out process, all while limiting view of tickets and tips for those not assigned to them. Ticket ownership is transferable, meaning you can correct reporting of tips and sales. No longer do you need authorization slips printed out for customers to add tips and sign.

For businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint and save on material costs, square is a great option. Probably the best thing about Square is that it's free. You can download it at no cost from GooglePlay and App Store, install in either Android or iOS devices, and use it in-store or on-the-go.

Their hardware is available for purchase and they offer many different choices, ranging from a register, to a portable square reader.

Oracle Food and Beverage

Oracle Food and Beverage is a POS platform that caters to restaurants of all types and sizes. This tool comes with a powerful feature set to increase productivity, boost service, and enhance efficiency. With this system, all users, including customers, get to enjoy better service experiences.

Some of their notable features include omnichannel delivery, integrated POS, cost control, kiosks, and even kitchen management. The software is easy to navigate and doesn't require users to be tech-savvy. It also has reporting and analytics to help keep tabs on your restaurant's performance.


Lavu is a POS software specifically for bars and restaurants. It was created to help this industry address complications arising from order confusion, slow service, and unclear sales data. Restaurant owners can take control of their operations by using the app's simple but powerful interface.

Their features include menu layout customizations, staff training, and order taking. They also have HR functions, such as staff on-boarding. Their program comes with top-of-the-line hardware and advanced tech like self-service kiosks and digital menu boards. The best part is you don't even need to be a traditional restaurant to use this program. Lavu is used by wineries, food trucks, breweries, and ice cream stands.

By now you know that choosing the right POS system is vital for the success of your restaurant. Small businesses have to rely on their point-of-sale system during every hour of operation, so you don't want it to fail. You know when you've found the perfect POS system when it's capable of performing several crucial tasks like handling monetary transactions, inventory management, and providing repeat customer information.

On top of having a good POS system, you should have an equally good loyalty program. There are many loyalty programs that are free and easy to use for business owners in all industries. If you ever have any questions on what loyalty program is right for you, don't hesitate to reach out!